This site is for promotion of projects developed by Rock Studios. Rock Studios projects include various games, tips on game development, and updates on Rock Studios gaming projects. We will also try to develop ways to reach out to our community by exapanding our contenet at later dates. For now our content will consist primarily of what was just stated.


Welcome to Rock Studios site. Our first project will be posted soon on this site. Our first project will be titled Yasuke. It's a project that will be considered stealth action along the lines of a Metal Gear with elements of a hack and slash game. For now this site is still under construction so most things here will be continually updated so look out for more things in the near future. If you would like to parter up to expand the site i will be leaving more information in the coming days.


We encouage our community to leave us comments on how to improve our website as well as other projects that we may be working on throughout the year. Feedback is always welcome and suggestions (depending upon the subject) will be noted and taken into consideration.


We openly accept open discussions on any topic of or related to our site or gaming in general. All other topics will not be discussed and will be removed by moderators.


We will also promote gaming apparel in a Products section if you would like to look into some of the products we offer. Later through the sites development we will incorporate our own clothing with our logos as well as other clothing and gear

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"Videos of the Day"
This will be the first of many videos to be
upload on our home page. Most will include
videos in regards to game
development topics, our progress on the game,
occasionally news, and "Videos of the Day" You can look at
more on our Development Tips and Projects links